Realtor Connections

Charlotte Realtor

It is our common goal to sell homes quickly and with the greatest profit possible. Leading Charlotte realtors face immense competition so they optimize their marketing programs with value added Home Staging as the home shows to its full potential, adds high impact in crucial MLS photos and yields return on investment for marketing spent. Many of today's realtors provide Staging Consultations as part of their listing package and with the popularity of HGTV shows, sellers want that added advantage. As 9 out of 10 buyers begin their search on-line, it pays to feature homes that are professionally staged as an integral part of your marketing plan. Other value added benefits of staging by A Fresh Look Design:

  • As your homes are selling fast and high with multiple offers, you are generating a buzz about the quality of your listings through out the world of your fellow realtors and bringing in referrals and repeat customers.
  • Stagers are adept in dealing with the difficult discussions with home owners about the flaws or obstacles they need to address, so you do not have to.
  • You are confident that homes entering the MLS are show worthy and staged to sell.  It all starts with MLS pictures, so make sure your listings stand out in the crowd as amazing!
  • For prospective sellers, you can show them before and after pictures of previous customers, show the quick sale figures,  and tell them staging is your gold standard to add value to their property.
  • Having A Fresh Look Design stage, leaves you time to prioritize on what you do best....get listings, show homes, negotiate, market and sell homes!!!  A Fresh Look Design can focus on what we do best....address the imperfections, highlight the features, brighten and update, capture all the details and show the true beauty of each home and impress buyers!

When it closes fast and for full asking price, the sellers are over the moon happy and you look like a Rock Star. This is especially true of homes sitting without offers. Bring in a Stager, sell a different home that looks show worthy and you are that rock star.

Real Estate Photography

Photography for real estate changes the way we connect emotionally to a property. Image is everything! Your MLS photos are the most crucial marketing tool to selling your house. Prospective buyers should be attracted to your listing from your photos, before they see it firsthand. I cringe when I see MLS photos of homes filled with boxes, in messy rooms.  I even saw one the other day with a half eaten bowl of cereal with milk on the kitchen table! Homes that make the best impression are professionally staged with high quality digital photography. Cost is $120.00 to email MLS photos and two page brochure. $15.00 fee for each 1,000 square foot over 3,200 sq. ft. $15.00 travel fee over 25 miles. A discounted staging fee is offered when necessary.

Real Estate Broker Consultant

Are you a Charlotte Real Estate Broker? You may want to get in and out as swiftly as possible and maximize the return on your investments. You may be needing assistance with style, paint colors, lighting, countertops or cabinets? A Fresh Look Design can help! We select finishes with today's buyer in mind. We offer expert advice on whatbuyers yearn for in their dream home to get you multiple offers and quick closings on your properties. Contact us for a consultation before your next Open House.

Realtor Partnerships

We know and understand the power of a strong Realtor-Stager partnership and have the same goals in mind....GET IT SOLD FAST! We can make your job easier and your potential commissions higher. When you partner with A Fresh Look Design, your clients receive home staging package discounts and assistance with listing photos. We believe in and encourage a strong Realtor-Stager team concept for our clients and homeowners.

Professional Home Staging

Our Home Staging Services are designed for sellers who want to get their home on the market quickly or those who feel home staging is too big a project to complete on their own, or have a vacant home. Call today if this sounds like you!