I am a woman who loves to paint things.  When I need a change in a room, I paint it.  I have gotten hooked on chalk painting furniture and people frequently ask me how to paint furniture so here is my quick tutorial.  You can buy the designer paint, Annie Sloan chaulk paint which is perfect for beginners. Smooth, easy to use but expensive. There are several recipes for homemade chalk paint which I have done many times that is less expensive and offers endless color choices (This is saved for lesson number two on this topic!). I posted a before picture of my makeup vanity.  It was just fine and nice but it needed some pizzazz!  Off came the hardware, on went two coats of paint and one coat of clear wax. I could have followed this step with a coat of dark wax for more effect but after sanding the edges to distress the piece, I was satisfied with the results. I love the lighter color and the parisiain look!  

End result.....isn't it cute and fun and light and bright?  I love it!