Tips for Selling Your Charlotte Home Quickly

Home staging sells Charlotte homes

In a perfect world, every home seller would have weeks or even months to prepare their home, stage it for sale, and find the perfect Realtor to market the property. But many people don't live in that perfect world. Some might have to sell their homes because they found an incredible deal on an upgraded property. Others might be moving for an exciting new job. When your time is short and you're selling your home on a tight deadline, you need to employ certain strategies. Here are tips to help you sell your Charlotte-area home when time is short. 

1. Don't discount the benefits of staging

Research suggests that one of the best things you can do to reduce the amount of time a home is on the market is to effectively stage the property. If your goal is to attract highly motivated buyers who will put in a quick offer, then you need to present the home as move-in ready. Effective staging can help fulfill this goal. Whether you use a professional staging company or do it yourself, ensure that the home looks like it's ready to sell. 

2. Invest in professional photography

Use the power of the internet to get the ball rolling on a home sale. Sure your would-be customers will come by and check out your property before they pull the trigger. But they are also likely to browse the internet for pictures of your home before and after the visit. Hire a professional photographer to take photos of your home and touch them up with Photoshop. This will help you create the sorts of "wow" moments that lead to quick sales. 

3. Consider a lower asking price with a firm price floor

There are different theories in the real estate world on how to extract the most value out of a home sale. Some believe it pays to set the price higher in order to potentially reel in those buyers who aren't as discriminating on the issue of price. Others will tell you that when it comes to a quick sale, you must set the initial price low. If you were going to build some downward wiggle room into your price anyway, set the asking price closer to your price floor and eliminate that wiggle room. A lower asking price may entice more buyers to enter into negotiations with you, leading to quicker sales. 

4. Hire the right agent for faster sales

If you have plenty of time to burn, you can afford to go with an unproven agent. If your goal is to sell your home as quickly as possible, make sure you get one of the best agents in your region. More than that, communicate your expectations to the agent. If you're hiring someone with many properties, you run the risk of getting lost in the shuffle. Let the agent know that you're ready to move on a sale. The agent may communicate that to potential buyers, giving them more incentive to put offers on your home. 

Selling a home quickly is not always ideal — the longer you can wait, the more offers you will attract. But when you find yourself in a must-move situation, make sure you go through the home selling process with intentionality. Stage the home, don't skimp on photography, set your price points appropriately, and enlist a real mover and shaker as your agent. These things will help you sell your Charlotte property more efficiently.