First Impressions DO Make a Difference: The Importance of Home Staging

We have all heard of the importance of making a good first impression. An impression is formed within 7 seconds of seeing something for the first time. Home Staging and Yard Staging helps you create an immediate positive perception upon buyers when they pull up to the front of your house or when they view photos of your home online.

First impressions DO make a difference for your online real estate listing. Researchers have studied the eye movements of buyers viewing online listings and found these statistics:

  • Buyers spent 60% of their time looking at photos vs. written information.
  • More than 95% viewed the first exterior photo of the home for 20 seconds - twice as long as any other photo.
  • Bathrooms photos were viewed the least.
  • Buyers seemed to get more information from photos vs. any other section of the online MLS listing.
  • After viewing 10 listings, buyer became fatigued and viewed subsequent listings for less time.


  • You have 20 seconds to captivate the audience.
  • Your first photo need to be amazing...get A Fresh Look out front!
  • Invest in curb and yard staging is crucial.
  • Use high quality professional photos...they will stand out.

Your house needs to STAND OUT.....Give it A FRESH LOOK today!